Bird identification and monitoring workshop


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Tree of Happiness- Art therapy workshop.


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Lakes Hub Bulletin # 232 February/March 2016

In this months Bulletin #232

  • Tolderol Wetlands Information day. BBQ Lunch.
  • Volunteer training grants.
  • Drought support.
  • Meningie food, fun and family fair.
  • Long nosed fur seals.
  • More from our Photographic competition winners.
  • Farewell to the waders Lunch.
  • Clean up Australia Say.
  • Aboriginal Basket weaving workshop.
  • Strathalbyn Bat Information night.
  • Mental Health first Aid course coming up.
  • and so much more…..Bulletin 231
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Lakes Hub 2014-15 Annual Report

Click Image to download

Click Image to download

Lakes Hub Annual Report 2014 – 2015
For those who want to know what the Lakes Hub has achieved this year, but are in a rush, here are some quick facts. For those with more time, click on the image adjacent to download the full annual report.


  • Lakes Hub was contacted 19,696 times (averaging 82 contacts per business day).
  • Lake Hub staff or volunteers provided information on the Lakes and Coorong to visitors, community and government staff 11,887 times (averaging 50 instances per business day).
  • Staff gave eight presentations to community groups and other organisations.
  • 2,711 people visited either the Milang or Meningie Hub.

Bulletins, Facebook, Website and Media

  • Thirty-two electronic bulletins were produced and were opened by 38% of bulletin subscribers.
  • At the end of the financial year, there were 547 people on the Bulletin subscriber list, with up to the same number accessing the bulletin though Facebook, the website and other organisations mailing lists.
  • Lifetime likes (subscribers) on Facebook went from 133 to 290 individuals.
  • On Facebook, there were 165,697 post impressions over the 2014/15 financial year, with each unique user being shown approximately three posts per day.
  • There were 7,622 visits to the Lakes Hub website, peaking at 1057 visits to the website in May. March and June both had over 900 website visits.
  • Most visits to the website included downloading the latest Bulletin.
  • There were 14 media releases and printed-media published articles facilitated or about the Lakes Hub, along with six radio interviews organised by the Hub.

Public Events

  • Through the Bulletin and other media, Lakes Hub provided community members with information on 123 opportunities for training, learning and education.
  • Lakes Hub ran a total of 20 events for the community, with 340 attendees.

Community Nurseries Network

  • Twelve Community Nurseries Network (CNN) meetings were facilitated over the year.
  • 30-40 local people have been employed through the CNN over the financial year, along with approximately 40 volunteers each month.
  • Eighteen school-based events were run by the CNN coordinator.

In addition during 2015/15 the Lakes Hub have completed a transition planning process, strengthened key partnerships with stakeholders such as the South Australian Murray Darling Basin and South East Natural Resources teams and the CLLMM Community Advisory Panel.

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Bulletin#231 Jan/Feb.

In this weeks bulletin;

  • World wetlands day 2016 Mulgundawa salt field tour.
  • Coorong and lower lakes Photo comp winners and exhibition details.
  • Long term intervention monitoring Reports.
  • Meningie Art and Photographic competition details.
  • PIRSA media release -Murray Cod  catch and release begins.
  • South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants Program 2016
  • Tecurium Racemosum.
  • River Bend Heritage Trail.
  • and  so much more…….Bulletin 231
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World Wetlands day Celebrations 2016


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Lakes Hub Bulletin #230 December 2015

  • In this weeks bulletin;
  • Coorong and lower lakes photo competition.
  • New Certificate in Conservation land management Tafe course starting.
  • Tolderol bird and water quality monitoring.
  • Turtles.
  • 8 Week Bush foods course begins.
  • Youth photo competition.
  • Volunteers wanted for Coorong shore birds monitoring.
  • and much more….Capture 230
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