Lakes Hub Newsletter 237

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It has been a somewhat chaotic
couple of months for those of us who
used to work for the Lakes Hub. Many
of us are still around, helping out with
various not-quite-finished projects.
Andrew, in conjunction with the
EcoCreative team and the Coorong
District Council, installed the Fishing
information display at Meningie. Feel
free to pop in during council opening
hours, to check it out.
I have been taking hundreds of wildflower photos, as well as helping organise the community seal count.
With a wetter than usual winter right across the basin, including some huge
downpours, quite a few of us have been celebrating the increased flows out
of the Murray Mouth. To put this into context—The River Murray system
experienced highest July inflow for 20 years. In During the week ending 23
August 2016, total barrage releases were approximately 527 GL.

Articles within this newsletter include:

  • Top spots for whale watching,
  • New plant species population found in the SE,
  • 2016 NAIDOC Award winner,
  • Wingate Property Management Planning
  • Butter Factory working bees
  • Water allocation and advances in government water management policy
  • New research paper on community monitoring of Acid Sulfate Soils.
  • Release of the CLLMM Water Quality monitoring summary report
  • Changes to the Native Vegetation Act Regulations
  • DEWNR Long-nosed Fur Seal monitoring data
  • The Coorong and Lakes Ramsar Wetland Portal
  • The origin of the place name ‘Finniss’
  • FrogWatch workshops
  • Lake water levels.

If there is anything specific that you would like to see in next months Bulletin, please send an email to Glen at

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