Bulletin 176: Christmas Fast Approaching

Bulletin 176

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Christmas must be nearly here, even if you aren’t keeping a check on the calendar.

How do we know? —Bursaria spinosa, the Christmas Bush, is flowering, heralding the arrival of the summer season and Christmas.

Bursaria spinosa is of high wildlife value, as a habitat for birds and as a nectar source. It is a useful honey plant in poor seasons, producing medium to heavy quantities of pollen and average amounts of a damp amber honey. The drug aesculin is extracted from leaves and has been harvested commercially in Australia . Timber is pale fine-grained and tough; seasons well due to little shrinkage; takes polish well, however with slender trunks usually less than 19 cm diameter at breast height, the timber potential is not great.

Bursaria spinosa – Flora Bank fact sheet

This plant grows widely in the Eastern States, grows widely in our region, and is one of the species planted by community in the Lakes and Coorong Community Revegetation Project managed by GWLAP.

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