Bulletin 171: Desalinisation

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I wanted to tell you all a little about the Adelaide Desalination Plant, after our visit there last week. The sheer scale of the project is mind blowing! State of the art technology, best practice in energy efficiency, energy recovery, flexibility and longevity are all very impressive. It was also a huge reality check for me in terms of the fact that this is not for sometime in the future, but right now! The plant is currently operating at 30% capacity producing approx 15% of Adelaide’s current water supply (at 100% capacity it can produce about 50% of Adelaide’s current water needs). There is a really important message here for everyone about water conservation, and embodied energy in our fresh water (the true environmental and economic cost), we must not be afraid of water restrictions if they teach us to be more efficient. And what about recycled water? In 2011/12 SA recycled about 25% of its wastewater (sewerage & industrial effluent) for irrigation (& some toilet flushing at Adelaide Airport & Mawson Lakes) with the rest going out to sea. This process produces by products of biosolids (used as fertiliser) and electricity (used to run the plant). I think a trip to 1 of SA Water’s 3 Adelaide wastewater treatment plants would be great- please let us know here at the Hub if you are interested?

For more info on desalination: www.sawater.com.au/desalination

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The Lakes Hub Team (Amelia, Megan, Jill, Andrew, Robynne, Stuart & Carole)

In this week’s issue:

  • Desalination
  • Sedging your bets – Sedge restoration in the Lower Lakes
  • Aerial Surveys of Waterbirds in Eastern Australia
  • CLLMM Bird Monitoring
  • What was hunted in our lakes 70 years ago?
  • Community Revegetation Survivorship Monitoring
  • The History Spot – Lake Alexandrina II
  • Up-Coming Events/Opportunities
  • On the Level & Calendar
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