Lake Albert Scoping Study -Community Perspectives Report

The Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources commissioned Square Holes (a private market research company based in North Adelaide) to undertake this study as part of the Lake Albert Scoping Study. Their mission was “To determine community wants and needs in relation to the future management of Lake Albert and Narrung Narrows”.


This report provides a summary of findings from the Community Requirements Study which forms a component of the Lake Albert Scoping Study.

The Community Requirements Study included the collection of community views on the various potential management actions to manage Lake Albert water quality. These management actions were formulated from, amongst others, the Meningie Narrung Lakes Irrigators Association’s 5 point plan, other community proposals over time and the current action of actively managing lake levels through targeted cycling to optimise salt export from Lake Albert.

Whilst this report provides an insight into community opinion, it is acknowledged that only preliminary information for each management action in terms of its required infrastructure, operation, cost and benefit was available to community at the time of survey.

Any preferred management action must be shown to meet the project objective of managing water quality in Lake Albert. Modelling and engineering feasibility studies will determine the effectiveness of management actions while a cost benefit analysis will inform the economic viability of implementation. Ecological and cultural impacts will also be considered in the preparation of the Business Case seeking funding for the preferred management action.

The Community Requirements Study is one component of the wider Lake Albert Scoping Study so will not be the sole recommendation for the preferred management action(s). However, it provides a useful insight to local sentiment and background knowledge of the community requirements for the future management of Lake Albert.

Download the Full Report: Community Perspectives Report

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