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Community Revegetation Project

Community Revegetation Project

For the last 3 years a large amount of resources have come into Lakes Communities including an enormous revegetation program to improve the health of this part of the Murray Darling River system. Planting is done by local people, employees, community groups and Government contractors.

To raise the profile of this work this project needs a snappy, memorable and descriptive name.

You can let us know what you think by visiting our Facebook page, and adding a suggestion!

Here are some suggestions so far:

  • Biodiversity Restoration in the Lower Lakes (BRILL) Program
  • Bungunnia Plantings (Named after the huge inland sea formed over a million years ago when the Murray River became dammed by an uplift in the Grampians, before the Murray carved out its present path)
  • CLLMM Community Revegetation Program
  • Communities Caring for the Coorong
  • Communities Connecting Corridors
  • Connect Coorong to Country
  • Coorong and Lower Lakes Planting Partnership (CLLAPP)
  • Coorong and Lower Lakes Revegetation Program
  • Coorong Connection
  • Coorong Lakes Restoration
  • Coorong Lakesides for Habitat and People
  • Corridors for Conservation
  • Great Southern Lakes Revegetation Project
  • Greening the Lakes
  • Habitat Enhancement for the Lower Lakes Project (HELP)
  • Habitat for Dynamic Communities
  • Habitat for Ramsar
  • Habitat for Waterfowl
  • Habitat pathways
  • Lakes and Coorong Ecologies
  • Lakes and Coorong Environments (Place)
  • Lakes for Habitat
  • Lakes Leafy Linkage
  • Lakes Re-Leaf
  • Lakes, landscapes, Life
  • Lakesides for Habitat and Communities
  • Lakesides for Habitat and People
  • Life on the Lakes
  • Lower Lakes for Habitat and Diversity
  • Lower Lakes Habitat Restoration Planting Partnership
  • Lower Lakes Planting Partnership
  • Lower Lakes Restoration Planting Partnership.
  • Ramsar Habitat
  • Ramsar Recovery
  • Ramsar rehabilitation
  • Restoring Habitat Planting Partnership (for the Lower Lakes)
  • Restoring Resilience Planting Partnership (for the Lower Lakes)
  • Restoring the Lakes Planting Partnership.
  • Reveg for Resilience
  • Shade and Shelter Shake-up
  • Sheltered Shorelines
  • The Coorong Lakes Revegetation Program
  • Wetland Linkages
  • Wetland Recovery
  • Wetland Rescue
  • Wetland Revival
  • Wetlands and Community
  • Wetlands for Health
  • Wetlands for the Future
  • Wildlife Corridors

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