Bulletin 126, Of Visits and Replies

Bulletin 126

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Last week I had the great pleasure of dropping into the Lakes Hub at Meningie with Amelia and Jo McPhee, and together with Andrew and Robynne visited Camp Coorong and then the Coorong Wilderness Lodge.

We spent some time with Tom and Ellen Trevorrow, who welcomed us in and, on touring through the amazing museum, shared with us a little of the history of the region, of the Ngarrindgeri people, and of South Australia. It was quickly evident to me, that there is so much to learn from Tom and Ellen, and that rather than a static museum, Camp Coorong really is a meeting place, a place where we share history and future, and as Tom puts it, is a place of reconciliation in action.

This week we also have a follow-up to last weeks numbers issue, with a letter to the editor on Page 2. (keep up the good work!)

Have a great week,
Stuart Jones.

In This issue:

  • In The News
  • Letter to the Editor
  • CLLMM Community Update link
  • Coorong Tatiara LAP Newsletter link
  • Sustainable Design Workshop Cancelled
  • Up Coming Events etc
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