Bulletin 123: Events and their follow-ups

Bulletin 123

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Lots of events coming up, from the Raukkan Yuntu-Walun Festival, the Sustainable Design Workshops being held in Milang, the Community Meeting regarding Arts, Farmgate and Music Projects as well as our regular Talking Heads session next month (which is going to be about the deadly Phytophthora, an invisible soil borne organism which causes root rot.) See more about these event in this bumper edition!

A great report from our Executive Officer, Karyn Bradford who has been on an epic Learning Journey over the last month or so.

And most importantly a contact number we all need, local Snake Catcher Wendy, who I almost called on the weekend, after the Dog alerted us to something slithering under the piano! My hesitant exploration from afar with a torch revealed a Blue Tongue Lizard. Phew! It could have easily been something else…

Stay alert, and have a great week,
Stuart Jones.

Also this week:

  • Local Snake Catcher
  • Reflections & Learning from MDCA EO
  • Community Meeting: Arts, Farmgate & Music
  • Community Stream Monitoring
  • Talking Heads Report
  • Frog Chytrid Fungus
  • Raukkan Yuntu-Walun Festival
  • Sustainable Design Workshops
  • Phytophthora Workshop
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