Bulletin 122: Bits and Pieces

Bulletin 122

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From Apps and links to Soursobs and ‘electric cable bacteria’ we’ve got something for everyone this week.

I was particularly fascinated with those little organic electric cables (see page 2), they remind me of the bio-neural gel packs portrayed on Star Trek: Voyager.

Nerd alert notwithstanding, technology has an amazing way of developing along paths similar to those dreamed up by science– fiction writers. Of course some of the best science fiction has at least some basis in fact, or in scientific theory.

A little bit of chicken and egg, but fiction as well as amazing fact can inspire people to pursue their dreams.

What inspires you? Care to share? info@lakeshub.com

Stuart Jones.

This week:

  • There’s an App for that (CFS App)
  • Living Power Cables
  • Naturelinks Website
  • This Week in the News
  • Soursobs in Revegetation
  • Lake Levels & Up coming Workshops etc
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