Bulletin 121: New Targets for a Healthier System

Bulletin 121

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An exciting week this week, with the Prime Minister visiting Goolwa on Friday to announce a change to the Murray Darling Basin Plan to allow an extra 450 GL of water by an injection of $1.7 billion over 10 years to upgrade river systems.

The State Government of South Australia, with overwhelming community support, has been campaigning for a minimum of 3200 GL for environmental flows.

The Federal Government has also released $265 million to fund water recovery and industry regeneration projects in South Australia.

Also this week:

  • New targets for a healthier system
  • Waterbird aerial surveys in the Lower Lakes and Coorong
  • Communtiy Advisory Panel (CAP) Communique
  • Fish Monitoring & Frog Monitoring
  • This Week in the News
  • Warm Weather – Snake Warning
  • Community Update: DEWNR cryptic and breeding bird surveys
  • Talking Heads: CLLMM Bird monitoring project

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