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Lakes Hub Bulletin, No 120

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Power of the written word – Oct 22nd

Last week South Australia lost one of it’s great writers. From his regular columns in The Advertiser to his Poetry and Children’s Fiction, the carefully crafted and witty writings of Max Fatchen will be sorely missed.

I’ve dropped my current reading this week to pick up The River Kings, one of Max’s books set on the River Murray. I can’t put it down. From the start it looks to be a great adventure; I’ll let you know how I go!

First published in 1966, The River Kings has been turned into a TV mini-series, and was shortlisted this year in the National Year of Reading 2012 Awards as representing SA in the list of books that describe what is means to live in Australia.

His connection to the Murray is evident in his column. Earlier this year he spoke about rivers being the “arteries of civilisation” (click to read “Listen to the River’s Tales”), tying together his experience covering the Murray floods in 1956 and his travels on the Mississippi and the Thames.

Certainly a great writer right up to his last column (Oct 5th) which was a cracker. He will be missed.

Do you have a favourite book we should add to the Lakes Hub Library?

Kind regards, Stuart Jones.

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